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For loads of IBCs, barrels, GiBo, with an estimated weight of more than 500 kg
make a FREIGHT REQUEST (at the end of the ordering process).
This will NOT trigger an ORDER


We ship daily (weekdays Monday - Friday) by 12 p.m. via DHL
If these days fall on a D-NRW public holiday or a nationwide public holiday, we will ship your goods on the next possible working day (in special cases also Saturdays).

The standard delivery time to other EU countries is 4 - 5 working days from the order
The standard delivery time for non-EU countries is 5 - 8 working days from the order

Further information
If you are not there when your ordered goods are delivered,
A notification will be left by DHL in your mailbox.
In this notification you will find information about when and where (post office) you can pick up your package.
If you do not pick up your goods there within 7 days, the package will be returned to us. Additional shipping costs will apply for repeated delivery.

For larger deliveries we commission a shipping company,
who will notify you in advance by telephone and arrange delivery with you.

In accordance with Art. 4 No. 11 GDPR, we would like to inform you.
We pass on the address details you provide of the delivery address to be delivered, as well as your email address and telephone number, to the respective shipping service provider.
The main ones to be mentioned here are DHL, Kühne & Nagel (DSV) and Sendify, but sometimes other freight forwarders too.
You can also find the respective shipping service provider on your order confirmation, delivery note and on your invoice.
This way, prompt delivery can be guaranteed.

INFORMATION - Prices shown for shipping weight only apply when ordering via the shop.
At least the following shipping costs will be charged due to additional costs in...

D - Orders by fax, telephone or email, from 15.90 euros/net
EU - Orders by fax, telephone or email, from 19.90 euros/net
EUROPE without EU - orders by fax, telephone or email, from 35.90 euros/net
WORLD - Orders by fax, telephone or email, from 45.90 euros/net


to show shipping costs, please choose the country you want the order to be shipped.

shipping paket to germany

CalculationTotal price
from 0,00 to 0,50 KG5,83 EUR
from 0,50 to 1,00 KG7,02 EUR
from 1,00 to 2,00 KG8,21 EUR
from 2,00 to 3,00 KG8,21 EUR
from 3,00 to 5,00 KG9,40 EUR
from 5,00 to 10,00 KG11,78 EUR
from 10,00 to 15,00 KG17,73 EUR
from 15,00 to 20,00 KG23,68 EUR
from 20,00 to 27,00 KG29,63 EUR
from 27,00 to 30,00 KG33,20 EUR
from 30,00 to 36,00 KG35,58 EUR
from 36,00 to 42,00 KG47,48 EUR
from 42,00 to 50,00 KG59,38 EUR
from 50,00 to 60,00 KG89,25 EUR
from 60,00 to 70,00 KG107,10 EUR
from 70,00 to 75,00 KG130,90 EUR
from 75,00 to 100,00 KG142,80 EUR
from 100,00 to 130,00 KG166,60 EUR
from 130,00 to 150,00 KG178,50 EUR
from 150,00 to 170,00 KG202,30 EUR
from 170,00 to 200,00 KG238,00 EUR
from 200,00 to 300,00 KG321,30 EUR
from 300,00 to 350,00 KG368,90 EUR
from 350,00 to 400,00 KG416,50 EUR
from 400,00 to 450,00 KG476,00 EUR
from 450,00 to 500,00 KG499,80 EUR
from 500,00 to 550,00 KG535,50 EUR
from 550,00 KG- No Shipping -

Pick Up by customer from stock

SELF COLLECTION / Pick Up by customer from stock

Please enter the date in the REMARKS/additional in "Comment"

Warehouse sale / issue of goods: Mon Wed Fri - 9 a.m. - 11 a.m
(except holidays (NRW) and public holidays)

TÄSLER INDUSTRIAL PACKAGING - mobile phone 0160 9418 2105
c/o Alte Kornbrennerei Berning
Letter Berg 102 - D-48653 Coesfeld-Lette
Do you drive with Google ? Then Google maps code: 9F39V6V5+XC

CalculationTotal price
from 0.0010 to 20000.00000,00 EUR
from 20000.0000- No Shipping -

freight cost inquiry

question - freight cost inquiry

CalculationTotal price
from 550,00 to 99.999,00 KG0,00 EUR
from 99.999,00 KG- No Shipping -